Natures Aid 20000iu Vitamin E Natural Oil, 60 g

High strength natural source vitamin E
Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
Oxidative stress occurs when there are high levels of free radicals in the body

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Natures Aid Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Drops, Daily Multivitamin, Infants and Children, Sugar Free, 50 ml

A carefully balanced blend of nine essential vitamins, for daily support
Designed specifically for babies, infants and children aged three months to five years: Easy to use liquid, simply add to food or drink
No nasties – 100 percent sugar free, with no artificial flavours or colours, natural orange flavour

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Natures Aid Vegan Vitamin D3/Cholecalciferol Liquid, 2500iu, Dropper Included, 50 ml

High Strength Vitamin D3 Liquid, providing 2500iu Vitamin D3 for advanced absorption
Vitamin D supports the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, muscle function and the immune system
Unlike many Vitamin D3 products, this Vitamin D3 Liquid is produced from Lichen – a vegan-friendly source

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Vitamin B12 Spray | 1,200 µg 50ml Spray with CoQ10, Chromium and Green Tea Extract | Natural Apple and Blackcurrant Flavour | Improved Absorption | Vegetarian and Vegan Vitamin B12 by Nu U Nutrition

✔ CONVENIENT – The Nu U Nutrition Vitamin B12 1,200 µg spray provides a convenient way to take Vitamin B12, with a bottle that is easy to carry anywhere. Sprayed directly into the mouth it offers improved and quicker absorption than taking capsules or tablets. It’s the perfect option for those who find it hard to swallow tablets. 4 sprays provides 1200mcg of Vitamin B12. Delicious Apple and Blackcurrant flavour that is completely natural and free from artificial flavourings.
✔ DOUBLE VALUE – We offer 50ml of Vitamin B12 1,200 µg. TWICE the amount of competing brands, providing 83 servings. Our Vitamin B12 spray also combines the health properties of CoQ10, Chromium and Green Tea.
✔ HELPS WITH – Vitamin B12 has multiple properties that are beneficial to your health. Vitamin B12 contributes to a normal energy-yielding and homocysteine metabolism, the normal functioning of the nervous and immune system, red blood cell formation and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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